Why I’m starting 

The reason why I want to start blogging is because I’ve always wanted to show my true colors and show other people that they are NOT alone. I’m a guy with huge dreams who is trying to chase them even tho most of the time it feels like I’m failing. Aslo I like trying new things. Yes meybe this is gonna be the first and the last time that I’m writing or not. Time will show. 

I see people on the streets most of them are laughing and talking to their friends and that’s awesome but what about those who are quiet and alone? It seems like nobody sees them even that they are the most loud people in the world. I see them I’m one of them but why we don’t communicate with one and other? Cuz we think that they don’t want to talk with us and even if we do it it’s gonna be a temporary bliss. 

I’m scared of attachments. Everytime when I meet someone new the first think that pops up in my mind is: – “1 or 2 months and they will get bored of me what’s the point of trying” 

Next time when you see someone alone just talk to them tell them your story they will do it aswell. 

 I met one girl before 5 months on the streets. She was homeless. I was sitting and watching how the people are just walking in frond of her like she is not even there. I said to myself: “That’s  it yes I’m shy but I don’t want to see her with sad eyes.” I got up walked to her and sat on the ground next to her she looked at me and I saw that little spark in her eyes. It was hope. We started talking about our lives. From that moment I started praying for her and every single person. Month passed by and she told me that she found a job and if i wanted to connect with her boss and start working with her. At the time I didn’t have one only interview that was after one day and I told her about it and if something goes wrong to tell me. She told me:

– Im starting work this Friday but I still need some money for the uniform. If I don’t have one I’ll not gonna be able to start work. 

– You will get them I know it! Don’t lose hope, never erase your smile and stay strong!

That was the last time I saw her. I have her number I’ll have to call her to see how is she. She gave me hope she showed me that I don’t have to hide my true colors. 

One again next time when you see someone alone just talk to them. You don’t know what’s gonna be the story after “Hi!”Whatever it is it’s  going to teach you something.

One thing I always say: “Everything happens for a reason!”


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