Those who are ghosts 

Have you wondered why some people are just passing by trough your life? I call them ghosts. 

One second they are here and after that they dissappear. But the hard thing for me was not catching feelings. For me is was like a magic. I can’t describe it. Maybe it was because I liked feeling every single emotion at the same time. It sounds weird but it’s true. 

I was trying so hard to just connect with these people but I was hitting a wall one after another. I asked myself “why I keep doing this?” 

Got to the point that something soo little started hurting me to the point that I didn’t wanted to exist.. 

Weeks passed by I was feeling the same way and I said “You gotta learn from this, learn from the pain, focus on something that you struggle with and destroy it!” 

I didn’t liked myself I didn’t liked who I was I didn’t liked anything about myself. One day I woke up. I was standing in frond of the mirror and cept thinking about every single detail of my body and how I don’t like anything about it. In that exact moment I felt selfish because I have so much I have legs I have hands I have eyes, hair, ears, nose that is like a mountain, I have face. Nobady els have my face niether yours we are all one of a kind and we all need to appreciate ourselves. 

What I’m trying to say is learn how to appreciate and love yourself!

Learn from the pain and don’t sit and wait for someone to help you because you know yourself more than anybody else. YOU ARE YOUR OWN SAVIOR 

I’ll never forget them because I changed so many things about myself because of a ghost.

Yes they are ghosts but they bring the worst and the best part of us if you let them. 


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