I love my demons 



You probably have heard many times: “Destroy your demons” I’ve said it a lot and yes it’s true but at the same time I love them. But why?

Why are there, what they are and what they can become.

The demons are those strong emotions that makes us sad. Also those happy and strong emotions when you like someone and you feel like a demon it’s going to be created.

And yes we have to destroy them with creating an angel out of them. If you think that’s impossible you are wrong. Learn from your mistakes, learn from your demons. Don’t sit and wait for someone to save. You are the savior!

I was waiting and waiting day, week, month and the pain got bigger and bigger. Yes someone tried to help me but it didn’t work. I needed to help myself. Everyone can do it just face your demons and after you created an angel love both of them. The demon who make you feel miserable and the angel who makes you stronger.

We are who we are because of them.


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