Chasing dreams is dangerous 


I thought I’ll be happy while I’m chasing my dreams.

One year ago I said I don’t want to waste my life, I want to chase my dreams and help my family. In my head, all of this was a perfect picture.

Started working for that to get out of my country and school and start living.

Many of us think that it’s gonna be a good trip, it might happen or not but we forget one thing. Our loved ones. I’ve had so many breakdowns and I wanted just to go back and hug them.

If I’m there I can’t take care of them. Yesterday I was thinking if I’m gonna see them again. Because everything can happen I might get sick or die or God knows what.

I hated my first job cuz I felt like I was turning into a zombie, I loved the second one cuz mostly I was outside, I loved the 3 one cuz I was having fun and with this one, I’m just paying my bills.

I can get attached easily to people and emotions. That’s the reason why I don’t want to quit. For me, it feels like a family not really but its like I’m hanging out with “friends”. We have fun and arguments.

For the last 8 mounts, i understood the bad and good about chasing the dream. I miss my family and my friend. Sometimes it feels like I’m drowning. The perfect picture doesn’t exist. And it’s not black and white, it’s every single color.

If I stop doing that, if I stop chasing im dead. I wanted a meaning in my life, something to fight for and now its the time.

I’ll get hurt I’ll fall down I might want to quit but I’m not gonna stop. 

Sometimes everything is blurry. Sometimes I forget who I’m. 

Everything happens for a reason! 

They can hurt you, but you will learn.


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