What is a cv? 
It’s just a sheet of paper fulfilled with what have you worked before and you good skills. 

What if we had to write our REAL cv? I mean, I’m gonna give you an example. 

I’m 19 had 4 jobs so far and they are nothing special but everyone is looking for someone with experience.

 I’m a listener, I don’t like to talk a lot cuz there’s not much to say. I see the same people everyday well not the same cuz I’m learning who they are, and their colors are constantly changing. 

I’m the kiddo who speaks quiet because he is ashamed to speak louder because, (wait I need to stop talking about myself in a 3 sentence) I can hear my voice and it comes out bossy and annoying. 

People are saying “use your voice”, I’m screaming but you can’t hear me. 

“Why are you sad” I’m not. (I don’t want to tell you or talk about it because I don’t trust you) 

“How are you” I’m good (I’m f up and if you see what’s going on inside you will run away) 

And yet I still want someone to understand me, but you’ll never be here. You ware at some point but you gave me pain and urge to change at the same time. 

If I could do it again I wouldn’t change a thing cuz it’s made me who I am

Maybe I’m the problem. Because I’m selfish, I’m a liar. 

But everyone is a liar for example I’ve met a lot of people who are saying “I’ll always be here with you” yeah sure Where are you? Those people are passengers. Yes I’ve said that aswell but I truly mean it. Or those who talk behind my back but they are with a big smile in frond of me. Go ahaid you can talk whatever you want I know who I’m and I know who you are. 

Or the people who ware bullied when I was in school and I didn’t do anything I could’ve change something and yet I’m saying that I want to help people. I was in the storm. 

Yes I’m passionate but I have my limits.

Yes I’m creator but the pain makes me do it.

I live in certain place but I don’t know where I belong. 

I have the erge to constantly move till I find whatever I’m searching for. 

I’m young but I don’t have time to waste. 

I’m a know it all, I don’t know enough 

I’m a f up story. When I feel it’s deeply but I’m drowning. 

Who are you?


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