lost in the fucked up feelings. 
Wrapped in the darkness, seeing the dark faded blue light comming from my window. It’s room 93. The time is right. All connected now. There’s nothing left. Asking myself why I feel this way. Why do I have to feel this way just to feel alive. How this happened. I don’t want it but I do. Where are you. Are you happy. I hope you are. Do you remember me. Pretending that we’ve never met. Why do I lay here righting this. Hoping that the poring rain will wash it all away. All i do is cry and coplain cuz the seconds are not the same. Maybe is the song. 

or the colors. 

The lost hazel eyes but with spark of hope. Are you still sitting surrounded by empty bottles. Are you still afraid by your demons. I hope you’re not. 
how are you……………………………………. but really how are you. 


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