Running scared. Finding comfort in someone new. Like 2 kids running trying to find the one.

Trying to grab our hands under my hoodie so they can’t see. But they knew. We couldn’t hide the fireworks.

Sitting in this coffee shop wrapped in cigarette smoke. Finally feeling free. Laughing doesn’t care about society and poisennes words. Trapped in your arms feeling every bright color of the gamma. Over there under the hill.

Awaken by your voice every morning.

Running in your apartment. Trapped in your kiss. Burning every dark corner.

But I was scared I wasn’t ready to fight with my demons but texting “I’m just not ready to be with you” I was a liar. So you drowned yourself leaving empty bottles.
Years later here we go again. I needed to confess. Seeing you standing there so happy. Saying the hurtful words scratching my lungs “if happy is him I’m happy for you” was the end.

I needed to see you again. I was in the dark. So here we go again in the coffee shop wrapped in cigarette smoke sitting talking about our lives. Thinking damn “I’ve never seen you smiling like that” and I know he gives you everything but boy I couldn’t give it to you.

telling you to listen to that song.

“Is this song for me?”

“No. But you need to hear it”

Walking on the street under the lilac sunset. Underground where the outcasts are leaving stories on the walls.

Thinking one last time I need to be the one who takes you home after that I’ll let you go. Being in my arms for one last time.

It was that kind of one last time love and we both felt it.


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