There's a guy under the hills "first forever" stays but he was looking for someone else while kissing me I believed that we're meant to be but jealousy gets the best in me, so I blow up and started kissing him so we fall in love and I had to leave him with alcohol. Got … Continue reading b.a.l



Running scared. Finding comfort in someone new. Like 2 kids running trying to find the one. Trying to grab our hands under my hoodie so they can't see. But they knew. We couldn't hide the fireworks. Sitting in this coffee shop wrapped in cigarette smoke. Finally feeling free. Laughing doesn't care about society and poisennes … Continue reading 17.

I love my demons 

https://www.redbubble.com/people/maartinnk/shop?asc=u   You probably have heard many times: "Destroy your demons" I've said it a lot and yes it's true but at the same time I love them. But why? Why are there, what they are and what they can become. The demons are those strong emotions that makes us sad. Also those happy and … Continue reading I love my demons 

Those who are ghosts 

​Have you wondered why some people are just passing by trough your life? I call them ghosts.  One second they are here and after that they dissappear. But the hard thing for me was not catching feelings. For me is was like a magic. I can't describe it. Maybe it was because I liked feeling … Continue reading Those who are ghosts