lost in the fucked up feelings.  Wrapped in the darkness, seeing the dark faded blue light comming from my window. It's room 93. The time is right. All connected now. There's nothing left. Asking myself why I feel this way. Why do I have to feel this way just to feel alive. How this happened. [...]



Walking trough now well-known streets. Knowing when the lights will change - the color so they can run. The familiar faces every day. Wishing for something more worth fighting for. Trapped in their fields. Reaping day after day. Disappearing is a dream. Finding something new. But knowing there are a couple more lines to fill. [...]

the war.

He is vicious. Strong. Once risen hard to hold him down. Making the thoughts shoot like a bullets trough a gun. He is holy. Light keeper. Passionate. Easy to tear him apart. His tears are making the gunpowder. He is a hurricane. Unpredictable. Doesn't belong to no city doesn't  belong to no male. Loud but [...]


​ Now I don't know if you recognize this person. They are maybe around you. But you don't feel what I feel. It can't be described. You can only see it.  I'm talking about that person who changed your life just like that, no warning, just a simple handshake. Okay I lied, there was one [...]

Chasing dreams is dangerous 

  I thought I'll be happy while I'm chasing my dreams. One year ago I said I don't want to waste my life, I want to chase my dreams and help my family. In my head, all of this was a perfect picture. Started working for that to get out of my country and school [...]